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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Centus #112

The prompt this week is:  'It's an amusing little whine...' (and, yes, the misspelling is deliberate)
Number of words: 100 plus the 5 words of the prompt.   105 total. 
Style of writing: Any
Pictures: Any you want to share

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It's an amusing little whine when they want to go out” the butler said to the maid.

“Because you don’t have to do it” she said.

“How hard can it be?  I’ll do it.”

He put the leashes on the Great Danes and went to the walking path on the estate.

He felt so regal walking the two dogs until they both started running. 

“Sasha!  Max!  Stop! Stop!” he yelled as they kept going. 

They took him further down the path right into the creek.   

As he stood up to his knees in water he thought that whine wasn’t so amusing anymore. 


Judie said...

Our daughter in NOLA has a friend who insisted on buying a Great Dane. The dog outweighs her by more than 40 pounds. Walks are definitely no fun. Great take on the prompt!!!!

Jim said...

Nice story, Viki :) ~~ I love to walk dogs. Obviously we don't have Great Danes.

Our Adi is a Beagle Dog and loves to sniff and walk. The only time she runs is to keep up with me walking or the golf cart that I'm driving.

The other dog is Katrin, our Toy Poodle. She doesn't like walk very far but that is amusing on its own right.

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Gail said...

Great job, we both had dogs on our mind today.

Dreaming said...

That's perfect. I liked how I immediately thought the dogs were whining, and then realized it was the maid. What fun!

anitamombanita said...

I've had a great dane before...big and not the smartest dogs that ever were...OK, how many people did I just offend? Anyway...nice take on the prompt!!

Cathy said...

Having walked a few times with a 240 pound St. Bernard dog...I can attest to this.

Karen S. said...

Dogs and whines...ha very charming...mine just bark...bark and bark grandchildren often say "Oh they're just barking at the wind!"

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

hehehe. Good job. I liked this story. laurie

Jo said...

the imagery was hilarious! well done!

Jenny said...

This reminded me of a dog I used to have!

No matter how I tried to heel her she would drag me on our journey!

What a fun use of this difficult prompt!

Thanks for the smile.