The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mom seeing things?

I think it was last year or the year before, Mom told me there was a wedding between two residents at the nursing home.  She went on and on about it.  Finally, I asked the nurse and she said no one had gotten married.

I figured Mom must have imagined it and I forgot about it.

I  saw on the calendar for this month there was going to be a mock wedding.  Today, Mom told us all about it.

It finally dawned on me that must have been what she had been talking about the earlier year, she just didn't know it was a mock wedding.  Apparently, the nurse I had talked to must not have been there that day and didn't know it happened.

Now I know she did actually see a wedding.

I'll have to try to figure out what's behind her telling me sometimes a bird will come and sit on the edge of her bed.  There must be some truth to it, I just haven't figured it out yet, ha.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww God love her! :0)

Jenny said...

Oh, what a sweet story. I wonder if the bird might be a person?