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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


That's a good name for a blog post huh LOL.  During the winter my feet are terribly calloused.  I suppose if I used some of those creams in the "eyesore" cupboard in the bathroom I might not have this problem so bad.

When we had the tub, I used to use a pumice stone which I think you might be able to see in the "eyesore" drawer.  However, since we put the walk in shower the pumice stone is not so easy to use.  Unless you want to fall down.

For a long time, I've seen this egg (you probably know what egg I'm talking about) advertised on TV-- for years in fact.  I looked it up on the internet to see what people said about it.  If they thought it really worked.  Most people thought it did.  I didn't want to buy it off the TV and we looked at a couple of places and couldn't find it.  Then one day my husband came home and surprised me and had found it. 

I was thrilled and then there it sat. For probably 6 months.  Sometimes I'm like that.  I want something and then it might take me years before I actually try it.  Side note:  I asked for a George Forman grill for Christmas one year and it took me two years before I used it.  I have some things I bought from pampered chef that I've still never used.  I think sometimes I might have a fear of trying new things.  Is there some kind of name for something like that LOL.

Well anyhow, I finally tried it and it worked great.  After I was done, I used some "eyesore" cupboard cream and my feet were a lot better.  A few more times and they should be good as new.  Now wasn't that interesting LOL.


Cathryn said...

Because I ran around barefoot as a child, I used to have calloused feet. That doesn't look good when you are trying to wear sandels. Now, I have a few callouses, but that's because I haven't used the pumice stone in a while. Wearing shoes all day long helps keep them down.

The life's little topic you posted got me chattering! How interesting was that?!?!?!? LOL

Becca said...

I pay a little Laotian man to remove my calllouses every month. LOOOOOOVE pedicures.

Wanda said...

If I remember to use the pumice stone religiously, I can keep them at under control, but I might just get one of those eggs now!

lagata said...

I love pedicures, I have an egg and I like it too :)