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Monday, February 1, 2010


Remember when all everyone could talk about was the H1N1 virus?  What happened to that?  All of a sudden it's a non-issue.
I got the seasonal flu shot earlier at Walgreens.  Last weekend I got a computer call from Walgreens saying the H1N1 shots were available.  So I went last Monday to get one.
When I got the regular one, my arm hurt for about 3 days.  This one nothing.  I told my husband maybe they just stuck the needle in and didn't put anything in LOL.
I thought about not getting it but I want to make sure I don't ever bring anything into the nursing home.
Have you ever had the flu?  I only had it once as far as I remember. ( Unless I had it when I was a kid and blocked it from my memory)  I was supposed to meet my husband's family for the first time on Christmas.  I'll never forget how sick I was plus I had a big old cold sore on my lip.  Thank goodness, I had the flu because I couldn't imagine what kind of first impression I would have made with the big cold sore look LOL.

For some reason when I previewed this, it didn't leave spaces between the paragraphs.  I wrote this over the weekend and I've tried several times to double space it between so we'll see what happens when it's posted.  If there aren't spaces, anyone have any ideas on what happened?


Cathryn said...

I've had the flu, but I don't get flu shots. I did once because my job demanded every employee get the flu shot to prevent major absenteeism. I was sick as a dog for 3 weeks and could barely lift my head off the pillow. I wasn't sick before the flu shot.

Now I know it's because they preserve the flu vaccine in MSG and I'm highly allergic to that particular food preservative!

I've been exposed to H1N1 about 6 times last semester and never caught so much as a cold. Lucky me!

lagata said...

I have never gotten a flu shot. I can't remember if/when I have ever had the flu. Now that I have said that - I'll probably get the flu this week!

Wanda said...

I had always been a SAHM and I'm from Ohio too!

About the just happens sometimes on blogger...along with a few others mysterious things.

Becca said...

I had the flu in grad school. was in bed for three days, getting up to change my pjs and sheets as I sweated through them. Sucked. My son had swine flu last fall, he had a high fever for three days.