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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I didn't want to get too far past the opening ceremonies of the Olympics without mentioning how much I enjoyed it.  It thought it was one of the best Opening Ceremonies I've ever seen.  Good job Canada.  You should be proud. 

I'm surprising myself by watching much more of the Olympics than I thought I would.  I've watched some events I've never seen.

Although I've been staying up late, not good for my sleeping but since the Olympics don't come around every year,  I figure it's worth it.



The Park Wife said...

GO USA! I have not watched a lot, it makes me cold, well colder, when watching all the snow, haha.
The Park Wife

Cathryn said...

We aren't watching it because we don't have cable. We can't get regular TV so my husband grabs snitches of it on the Internet.

Becca said...

As a Canadian, I'll accept your compliment on behalf of the country! :)