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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Anyone watch?  I never watched the 1st Survivor but I've been hooked ever since.  Some seasons I like it some - not so much.  Usually who I want to win doesn't  LOL.

Last season, I really disliked Russel but then as it went on he grew on me and I started rooting for him.  I think maybe because he found all those immunity idols without any clues.  Of course, at the finale he was still kind of weird.

It starts on Thursday and I'm not sure how I'll like Heroes and Villains.  I haven't checked out yet whose all going to be on but I heard Russel will be there.  I don't see how he'll be able to get away with the same stuff from last season.

Seems to me when they had the all star season it wasn't that great.  I guess I'll see on Thursday.


Cathryn said...

I don't watch tv shows...but your description sounds fun!

lagata said...

I didn't like Russel either, I never warmed up to him...