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Friday, January 29, 2010

Mom update

Nothing much has been happening with Mom this week.  She had the blood test and her potassium was good so she is going back to her normal dosage.  She's been feeling well.

When we went on Wednesday and we were in the lounge, the nurse came by and saw us in there.  She mentioned she had just been to Mom's room to clean up the roommates side of the room.  Every once and a while the nurse goes and cleans up the excess food she has because she attracts fruit flies.  The nurse had a whole bag full of stuff, fruit, pastries.  I notice when I go in she has a lot of  food on the windowsill and on the little dresser next to her bed.

Mom saves food sometimes too.  Last week, she had about 5 plastic containers.  I think they are probably from her cereal.  If she doesn't feel like eating it, she doesn't put the milk in and just saves it for later when she's hungry.   I mentioned to her she better start eating them or there's going to be no containers left in the kitchen.  Today, when I went in there there was just one.  So, I'm not sure if someone got rid of the excess ones or what happened.  


My name is PJ. said...

I'm new to your blog, but I'm guessing Mom is in a nursing home.

Could you get her a 4-stack of those Glad disposable storage containers so she could carefully some stuff but not too much?

Cathryn said...

From what a friend told, hoarding food is a problem in these situations--especially if there's any form of dementia happening. But I like PJ's thought--those stackable storage containers work wonders.

mrs. c said...

Thanks for visiting my blog....I love Alpha-be Thursday because I am meeting the nicest folk! My mom was in a nursing home for several years before she became completely bed ridden and I found that if you can go into their room while they are eating in the dining hall and just kinda "clean out: once a week it really helps. My mom had a small refrigerator and was able to put some of her food away but I still needed to weed it out. They just forget when they got it. My prayers are with you, it's almost like you are the other now.