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Monday, January 11, 2010

Family & Stuff

Saturday we had Christmas with my husband's family.  We tried our new GPS (because we let our son take the other one we had when he moved).  When we were probably less than 10 minutes away my husband pushed some button on the GPS and then it wanted to take us back home.  Just then my sister-in-law called to see how close we were because everyone was hungry LOL.  We were able to figure out where we were and got their pretty quickly.

We had such a good time.  There is a new baby in the family and he was just darling.  It's been a long time since I held a baby.  There was a lot of food.  Naturally, I ate too much.  My husband's nephew made this really good strawberry dessert (Hi Mike;-) I know you told me the ingredients but email them to me) Then my sister-in-law brought a buckeye pie which I never heard of which was excellent.  It was as good as buckeye candy just different. My other sister-in-law made brownies. My son's girlfriend sent chocolate chip cookies.  I never got to the apple pie. Believe it or not there was food besides desserts.   When I came home the only thing I ate were a couple of Clementine oranges I was still so full.  Family that's reading this - email  pictures I didn't take any.

Then when we came home, my son had a couple come over that stayed until Sunday.  We used to have an old couch, futon and a sleeping mat down the basement where my son stayed but when he left we got rid of all that stuff.  There's only a single bed down there now.  My husband had to go outside, in the snow, to the garage to use the air compressor to blow up an air mattress.  I threw out all the old bed pillows I had as well.  I just gave them little couch pillows.  I guess they did all right with them.


Anonymous said...

Christmas was fun Saturday! Good to see everone that could make it. I will email you the strawberry dessert recipe this evening, and email some pictures that I took although I didn't take that many. Good post- Mike

Cathryn said...

Wonderful accounting of the family event! What's Buckeye pie and candy? Will you share the recipes?

Viki said...

I don't really have a recipe but if you google Buckeye Candy you will find tons of recipes. Buckeye trees are our state tree. People in Ohio are referred to as Buckeyes. Some people probably call them something else but a lot of the country knows them. They are peanut butter mixed with other stuff rolled into a ball and then covered in chocolate leaving a little off so it looks like a buckeye. If you google buckeye pie you'll find recipes for that too. My sil got the pie from a store. One thing about buckeye candy is you can't eat just one. They can be very dangerous LOL.