The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Friday, January 22, 2010


I know I said I'd see everyone on Monday but I lied LOL.  I know winters in the area I live can be brutal.  I can take the snow at least for a while; the cold; then there's the lack of sun (which I think I might have a seasonal disorder) but I get through it but the thing I find most depressing in winter time is this:


It just drive me CRAZY.  It makes me wish for new snow just to cover up this disgusting ugly stuff.  The only thing is eventually the dirty snow would be back LOL.

Now, for real.  See you on Monday.


Becca said...

well, you obviously need to move to Alaska. Here it stays cold enough all winter that she snow mostly doesn;t get dirty (except for where they sand the roads). It's only dirty in the spring during breakup (and that sucks, but summer is on its way so I don;t mind)

lagata said...

I don't like dirty snow either - or slush. Yuck.

Can't wait to see your photos :)

Mumsy said...

I agree with you about the dirty snow! I'm in Michigan, so I know how you feel..

Cathryn said...

I'm lucky living in the southwest mountains--the snow comes, gets dirty and melts off quickly!