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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All about Mom

A few months back I bought Mom a green throw blanket.  There's something about this blanket that it just never gets back to her when they wash it.  She'll have it for a few days and then it's gone.  One time, I asked the aide to find out about it and they brought it up from the laundry.  Again I hadn't seen it for a few weeks.  When we were there one day last week, they had a lady in a wheelchair by the nurses desk when we were in the lounge area.  I looked and told my husband, 'I think that lady has mom's blanket'.  Then the woman's daughter came and she asked her whose blanket it was because it wasn't hers.  I didn't say anything and thought this coming week, I would mention to the aide about it.  On Friday, we were sitting in the hallway while Mom was getting cleaned up and I saw the daughter coming down the hallway looking at all the rooms with the blanket in her hands looking at all the pictures with the names.  I called out to her and she came over and said she doesn't know why her mother keeps getting the blanket.  I told her I thought maybe mom's name washed off but no, it was there clear as day. She said she finally decided to see who it belongs to.  She said her mom does have a green blanket.  Apparently, they are not checking the name.  I just ordered labels with Mom's name on them so hopefully, this will be more helpful to the laundry people.

I tried to call Mom on Monday morning about 9 a.m. and she didn't answer.  I decided it was too nasty to go out  and my husband could wait to do the snow.  I called the nurses station and asked them to tell mom to call me.  She called and said she heard the phone ring but couldn't reach the phone.  She has this old crank bed and when she is sitting up in it, she can't reach it.  I told mom to just ring for the aide, as we were hanging up, to come put the phone back.  I told her goodbye and then listened to hear when the phone got hung up.  All of a sudden after about 5 seconds, I hear her yelling "YooHoo, I need help"  She did this several times.  Then she said, "Yoohoo I need help hanging up the phone". LOL  I called the nurses station and told them Mom couldn't hang up her phone.  Then I heard someone come in her room and heard her tell them she couldn't hang up the phone.  We and they will have to figure out some way when she's sitting up that she can reach the phone.  

When we went to see Mom yesterday she told me some of the pages from the photo album were coming out.  That didn't surprise me because it happened to me when I was putting them in.  They are just glued in. You would think that if it was being sold it would have been stronger.   I bought this particular album because it was small and would take up less space.  Looks like I'll have to try and find another one. I do know she likes the album a lot.  One day when we came the activities person had just got done showing the album to all the residents that were in the day room.  Several nurses and aides looked at it with mom while she told them who everyone was.

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Cathryn said...

What a wonderful account of your mother's life. This is really like "A Day in the Life of Mom..." You could expand on this series, I think. Thank you for sharing!