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Friday, January 29, 2010

Eyesore - Friday

Thank goodness this is the last day.  This last one really isn't that bad.  It's in my husband's closet which is in the computer room.

 I could have sworn I had two containers of craft supplies.  I'll have to look around and see if there's another one somewhere else. Or else I lost my mind and just thought I had two LOL.  Anyhow, I'm hoping this will be taken care of  when ever I get around to cleaning out mom's clothes out of the dresser in the exercise/reading/craft storage room  ;-).

Then there's these.  They are encyclopedias my husband had before we were married.  We'll be married 33 years this year.  So they are ancient.  They used to be on book shelves but I needed space for other books.  They ended up in his closet.  You can tell by the amount of dust on them they've been sitting in there for a few years.   You can't even see in this picture how many there really are because they are even behind the carton with my craft supplies. For years, we got a book a year with updates for that year until we finally said enough already. This is really a dilemma because he doesn't want to get rid of them. I do.

So what do you think?  Probably a little procrastination on the craft supplies but the encyclopedias I just don't know where to put them.

Thanks for all the responses this week.  Seems like some of you think my eyesores aren't that bad.  I should have done a MckLinky to see yours LOL. 

I will look over all the suggestions over the months and figure out how to clean up the eyesores. Hopefully, in the not so distance future I will be showing after pictures. 


Becca said...

The information in those books is probably so out of date it's laughable. why does he want to keep them?

Viki said...


I don't know probably because he spent so much money on them, I suspect.

My name is PJ. said...

Viki, would he really miss them if they began to vanish a few at a time? I'm guessing he wouldn't notice until they'd all been gone for a while.

Or maybe you could come up with another group of things he wants to hold onto and you don't....and tell him he gets to pick one (for now).

Shoot, I'd suffer him being in a foul mood for a couple of days and donate the encyclopedias to the Salvation Army.