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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas letters

I know Christmas is over but I have a couple of things left to talk about  ;o).  How do you all feel about Christmas letters?  I usually do one every other year.  With what's been happening the last couple of years, I've done them every year.  Do you like them, hate them, don't care one way or the other?  Another thing I'm wondering, I only send them to people that I only communicate with at Christmas.  Would you as a family member or friend still want one even if you knew all the stuff that would be in the letter? 

I used to get some Christmas letters but I don't anymore.  I think it's probably because the children are all grown now and have their own families.  I miss them.  I wish people would still do them especially the ones that I don't talk to at all.  They could just tell me about what their grown children, grandchildren and themselves are doing even if it's nothing.LOL


Cathryn said...

My son and I used to do Christmas was something that we did together and they were fun. He's off on his own now and just trying to get him to send a letter is like banging your head against the proverbial brick wall.

My husband and I used to send family newsletters that were a huge undertaking--combining both families! We stopped after his father died 6 years ago. We also stopped sending Christmas cards. Until this year. We finally broke down and sent cards out to family and friends.

I like getting them to answer the other part of your question. At least it keeps me updated on the families.

lagata said...

I like family letters. I don't get many anymore but I enjoy the ones I do get, even if they are only bullets of the highlights of the year.

I don't write a family letter every year but I do from time to time - mostly because I just run out of time.

Melanie said...

Hi Viki. I like the letters as long as they don't sound bragadoucious. Is that how you spell that word? LOL

Anyway, I usually get one a year and sometimes it sounds like they are bragging.

I don't send them but I guess it just depends on who is sending them to me as to if I will like it or not. I did get two this year.

Boy, I'm popular. LOL

Carrie said...

I always enjoy Christmas letters that are informative. Even if I already know everything it says. It's just a way of showing you care. :)