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Monday, January 25, 2010

Eyesore - Monday

Yep, that's what I decided to call these pictures that I'm going to post this week.  It seemed appropriate. 

We all have them.  You know the places I'm talking about.  At least I hope you do when you see them and I'm not the only one LOL.  Only you and your family know about them.  My husband doesn't care about them but most times when I see them I cringe.  I think I really have to do something about that and then I don't know what to do. 

Definition: thing that is unpleasant to look at

I'm going to start with my bathroom.  These are on either side of the big mirror.

*On this first shelf is a bunch of perfume.  I only use one in the white spray container.  Some are samples and one is expensive but I don't use it.  What to do with it?  Just throw it out?
*On the second shelf, do you see that English Leather?  That's probably over 10 years old.  My husband doesn't use it or the other stuff in there.  The only think that get's used is his deodorant and mine.  What to do with it?  Just throw it out?
*On the third shelf are ace bandages and other sorts of different sizes of bandaids.  Oh, and gauzes.  In the 1/2 bath I have a bunch too.  Also when I had surgery in 2004, I kept all the gauze and stuff from home health care but that's down the basement somewhere.  I always think we're going to need the stuff.  
*On shelf four, is the dental hygiene stuff.  Who needs 7 or 8 toothbrushes.  My husband's the only one that uses them.  I have an electric one but I still take the toothbrush from the hygienist.  Maybe I need to stop taking them.  There's an idea.
*On shelf five, I have a lot of lotions, body gels and fancy soap.  I find the only thing I use is the Lubriderm. Maybe I could give some of this stuff away but some of it's old.  I'm not sure if it's good.  Throw it away?

*On the first shelf, are a lot of medicated creams like Ben Gay and Cortizone cream.  I don't know how long it's been since we've needed those.  I suppose I should just check the expiration dates LOL.
*On the second shelf are mostly samples or when we went some where and stayed in a hotel.
*On the third shelf all kinds of cream for different parts of the body.  I should have the smoothest skin and feet around.
*On the fourth shelf except for the shaver all the rest could probably go.  I still have denture cleaner from Mom.
I suppose I could have my husband add another shelf to this cupboard LOL.

This is a drawer.  Now look how many medicine containers I have LOL.  What the heck do you do with something like those.  Hair brushes, mirror.  All kinds of junk.

Last one, I promise

Now, I'm definitely not getting rid of the top of the electric toothbrushes.  I have THREE paper toilet holders.  I got them for free sometime when I bought toilet paper.

You might think this looks bad or maybe not.  I know I don't like it when I look in these cupboards and drawers.. I don't think it's so much to do with procrastination as I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what to do with the stuff I take out. 

What do you think?  Give me some ideas.

That's it for probably the world's longest post. 


April said...

Try She has revolutionized my house! I'm organized and clean these days...but a little bit at a time!

lagata said...

I don't think your cupboards look too bad - of course I'm using mine as a comparison and they are atrocious!

For the perfumes, etc. Do you know any teens that might be interested? Or perhaps a thrift shop?

Cathryn said...

I remember when our bathroom shelves looked like that. I tossed everything that was out of date--and you would be surprised how out of date some things were! For perfumes, lotions, pretty soaps, extra toothbrushes, I donated them to our local homeless shelter. Anything extra was given to a local thrift store--and that included anything that was not being currently used!

Hope that helps. :D

Becca said...

Oh I am your woman. I LOVE to organize stuff. and the answer to it all is? throw it out!!! (but save the sample size stuff for a shelter or women's home) want me to come do it???

~~Rhonda said...

Pitch, pitch, pitch. You'll be SO glad you did.

Here are a few links that might be helfpul.

~~Rhonda :)

Anne Alagna said...

1. Throw out what you dont use unless it is in the original packaging and can be set aside for guest use.
2. Organize what you DO use with small baskets.
3. Enjoy the empty space you have created.
4. Make a list of what you need to replace... expired medications, first aid kit, etc.
5. Label label label!

Anonymous said...

I don't think they look to bad atleast you know where the stuff is. I would check with one of the aids at the nursing home, maybe some of the residents could use some of those thing- Mike ps. once you get yours nice and neat you are welocome to come do mine :-)

mrs. c said...

Viki you are much braver than me because I would never, ever show my bathroom because I have lots more stuff than you that I never use!! You may not be brave enough to touch a snake ( thanks for your comments on my blog) but you will know "do" something about your bathroom, I have not taken that first step yet!

Jo said...

lol ... i once gave my daughter expired cold medication (not such great results)... so i say, check the expiration dates and toss the stuff.