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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Room of many uses

In the room my mom was staying in, we took up the carpet and I semi-organized it.  I'm able to put the treadmill down now but I haven't gone on it yet.  Hopefully, soon.

Right across from the treadmill is my old hope chest with a TV on it.  However, you can't really see the TV from the treadmill.  Eventually we'd like to bring an old armoire (it's not really that I don't think but that's what we call it) up from the basement so the TV can be higher. 

There's a recliner.  We bought it for the nursing home but right now it doesn't fit; unless eventually Mom moves to the window side of the room.  Then I think it would. Besides the room being an exercise room, I'm thinking for now it will also be my reading room.

There is an old dresser that we inherited from my in-laws.  My husband wanted it because when he was younger,  he helped his dad refinish it.  Right now, it still has some of Mom's clothes in it. I also cleaned up everything on the top except for the anniversary clock.  Eventually, I would like to sort through that stuff and give it away.  Then I'm thinking of putting my yarn in there.  I have two big containers full of yarn and other related stuff.  I have two containers of started and never started crafts I would like to see if I could fit in there too.  I still think some day I might go back to working on them.  I probably won't but I'm not ready to give up on them yet.  So, the room will hold my crafts too.

For one thing that room needs to be painted. I have many plans for that little room. A lot of ideas floating around. Although I'm afraid my ideas are bigger than the room ;-).


Anonymous said...

I found my treadmill made a great coat rack, hopefully yours will get the use it is intended for. I remember that dresser, a lot of good memories at grandma and grandpa's. It's nice to see their things- Mike

Kathy said...

LOL! My treadmill (like the other person who commented) was also a coat rack! I have a craft room, but it has so much stuff in it that it's hard to craft in there! I really need to organize it!

Thanks for stopping by little corner (YES! Corner! I want the corner with the view! LOL!) of the blog world!

Cathryn said...

Your room nearly sounds like our office...things everywhere but not as stuffed full of stuff!

Hopefully your plans will bud and bloom!