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Monday, January 18, 2010


We have two couches and one we move to another wall because that's where the Christmas tree goes.  That one happens to be where the dog lays (yeah, he's like a king with his own couch).  Here's a picture after we moved it where it usually is.  I tried to get a picture of him all sprawled out but every time he saw me with the camera, he started to get off it.  I was lucky to get this one LOL.

For some reason, the last 1 1/2 years since he's been here he really gets freaked out when we move it.  I always have to show him for at least a few days where to get off it.

He is a very skittish dog.  All this time, he still only stays in the living room and will go into the dining room to eat and go out the patio door to go outside.  He'll take a couple steps into the kitchen but that's it.  We have Pergo flooring in there and when we first got it, our dog we had at the time was afraid for the first day to go into it.  She then went in though because that's where her food was.  I thought he would get used to it and eventually would go in but he doesn't.  Also, there is a narrow hallway to the bedrooms and he's never even approached going down there.  It seems weird to me but I guess I should be grateful because he sheds so much that I don't have him going all over the house.

When he first got here, when he would be afraid of something, he would open his cage and close the door.  Mom always said he did that but until I saw it myself I didn't believe it.  We still have the cage between the living room and dining room but I'm thinking of putting it down the basement because he really doesn't ever go in it anymore.  He is a very good dog but he does have some quirky things about him. 


Cathryn said...

How old is he? Does he get to visit your mom? Change upsets some animals--I have eleven cats and can testify to that!

Viki said...

He is going on 10 years. We haven't taken him to see Mom. I wanted to make sure she got adjusted and now with the weather bad, we will wait until spring. He was really confused when we first brought him here but even when mom was here he exhibited the same behavior. At her house, there were also certain rooms he wouldn't go into.

Becca said...

quirky dogs? Know them well. One of mine has such bad separation anxiety I have him medicated and have to secure his kennel with zipties when I leave the house or he'll break out and trash the place.

lagata said...

I cleaned the junk corner of my backyard with a run to the dump. After I was done, my dog would growl and bark at the clean area - haha. She just didn't like the look of all that empty space I guess :o)