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Friday, April 26, 2013

Mary #58

This is a continuing story.  If you want to read from the beginning, please go to my side bar to the labels and click on story-Mary or click here.


Mary and Elizabeth were up by 9.  They were making coffee and Elizabeth was making French toast.

Mary said “You know last night I felt a lump on Lulu.”

“Oh no, can you watch this I’m going to call the vet right now and see if we can get her in today.” 

Elizabeth went into the living room and when she came back in she said “They’re going to squeeze us in.  They said we could come at 11.”

“Okay, good.  This is ready” and Mary put the French toast on a platter.

They sat and ate without saying a word.  Each knew the other was worried about Lulu.  When they were done Mary said “I think I’m going to go outside with Lulu for a while.”

“Okay, I’ll clean up a little in here.”

Mary got up and the cat followed Mary.

They went on to the front porch and Lulu tried to jump up but fell right down.  Mary picked her up and placed her gently on her lap.  Tears sprang from Mary’s eyes as she petted her.  

“I’m so worried about you girl.  I should have realized something was wrong with you sooner.  I did notice you were getting thin and you haven’t been eating your food as much.  I just chalked it up to you eating things from outside.”

Lulu snuggled closer into Mary’s lap.

“I guess I was never a very good pet owner to you.  I mean how could I have been? I left and didn’t see you for years.”

“Don’t say that Mary” Elizabeth said as she came out the door.  “Even when you left your Pa and Ma took good care of her.  Even when I would come, I would spend some time with her.”

“I know but I was the one that took her in.  She was depending on me.”

“Well, you came back, when she needs you the most.”

Mary really started to cry now “Yeah but I’m a day late and a dollar short as usual.  I feel like that with you too.  Why couldn’t I have come sooner when you and Lulu weren’t ill?”

“You didn’t and that’s okay.  You can’t beat yourself up over it.  You’re here now.  That’s what’s important.”

“I guess” Mary said.

“Go wash your face, it’s time to take her.”

“Okay” and Mary handed Lulu to Elizabeth.

Mary came out and they got in the car.  Lula sat on Elizabeth’s lap and looked out the window.  They got to the vet’s office and filled out some paperwork.  When she was done Mary took it up and the girl said

“We had a cancellation we can take you back to an examination room now.”

They all went into the examining room and after a few minutes an older woman came in.  “Elizabeth, it’s so nice to see you again.”

“It’s nice to see you again.  This is my friend, Mary; there is something wrong with her cat.”

The doctor said in a friendly tone, “Hi Mary.  My name is Doctor Murray but you can call be Ruth. Exactly what do you think is wrong with your cat?”

Tears started to form in Mary’s eyes as she said “We’ve noticed Lulu’s lost a lot of weight.  Then last night I felt this lump.  When I pressed on it, it seemed to pain her.”

“How has she been eating?”

“Recently not too well, she is outside a lot so I thought maybe she was getting her fill outside.”

“Does she seem weak?”

“I notice she doesn’t seem as perky and this morning when she tried to jump on my lamp she couldn’t she just fell.”

“Hmm, let me take her from you.” At first the doctor stooped down and starting petting Lulu.  Then she reached for Lulu and held her in arms petting her before finally putting her on the table. 

“Lulu seems to like you” Elizabeth said.

“It’s all in the way you handle them.  If you don’t really know an animal you have to make friends with them a little bit so they will trust you.”

The doctor got out her stethoscope and checked.  She looked at her eyes and ears.  Then she felt around her whole body.   

“How old would you say she is?”

“I found her when she was a kitten.  I think I was about 15.  I would say she’s probably close to 20.”

“Wow Lulu.  You have lived a long life.  Someone must have taken good care of you” she said as she petted Lulu.

A knock came on the door “Mr. Smith is on the phone.”

“Tell him I’m with a patient.”

“I did but he said he needs to talk to you now.”

Elizabeth said “That’s okay Ruth, we can wait.”

“Thank you, I’ll be right back” and the doctor left.  


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