The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The 50's

Not the year or someone's age but the temperature.  Yippee!!  We are suppose to get into maybe the mid 50's - temperature wise this week.  It can't come too soon for me.  The snow is slowly starting to melt.  I can see some grass.  In the flowerbeds, I can see the dead marigolds that still have to come out LOL.  My husband never even got the stalks from the sunflowers out yet.  In the fall he just cut them real low.  I do see some green in there although it's weeds but for now I'll take it. 

Sunday when we pulled into the driveway at the nursing home we had to stop for a few minutes to let the geese get off the driveway.

I can't wait until I can open my doors and windows.  Although this little warm up doesn't fool me.  We've had snow on Easter and Opening Day of baseball.  But I'll enjoy it knowing soon it will come and stay.


Becca said...

sigh, we're having a genuine blizzard today. the kind that freaks people out on the east coast.

Anonymous said...

Well... that's interessting but actually i have a hard time figuring it... wonder how others think about this..

Cathryn said...

Woke up to snow this morning with more to come. Our warm weather was last week! Enjoy it now!