The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1.  When the gas company came on Tuesday they were done pretty quick. I think it took him longer to check down the basement to make sure there weren't any gas leaks after he was done.  No damage to the lawn either.

2.  One of these days, I know my computer is going to quit.  The last couple of days the fan is making awful noises.  I just need the time to make up my mind to spend the money and go look for one. 

3.  I made an appointment for Corky next week to get a check up and shots.  My husband is taking him to our old vet.  I laughed when the girl asked if he was a new dog.  I told her "he's a new old dog".

4.  The day after they passed the health reform bill when I woke up, the world was still here. j/k  Seriously, people need to get a grip.  There is no reason to be making threatening phone calls etc.  Either side.  If your senator or congress person didn't vote the way you wanted, work to vote them out. 

5.  We got some snow yesterday.  However, buds are starting to come on the trees finally. 

6.  I can't believe Russell outfoxed Boston Rob on Survivor.  Although the way Russell played last year, I should have guessed.  Too bad Rob, it sounded like a good plan.  Looks like Tyson moved on the stupid list of Survivors LOL. 

 7.  I'm really behind on my blog reading.  I'm kind of overwhelmed.  I'm behind over 200 posts.  I'm going to read them eventually because I'm so nosy, I'm afraid I might miss something important LOL.

8.  I just realized Sunday is Palm Sunday and next Sunday is Easter already.  I gotta get on the ball here.

9.  Well, today the rubber meets the road.  I have to go to the dentist.  The antibiotics didn't help all that much.  I hope he doesn't pull my tooth today because I have a lot of stuff to do over the next week.

10.  Have a good weekend everyone. 


Julie Schuler said...

Good luck at the dentist. I agree that it's nice to see the buds budding, and the Easter holiday is coming a bit quicker than I anticipated.

Beth said...

I'm woefully behind on watching my reality tv shows (online) so I don't know yet what Russell did to Rob. I've been too busy blogging and commenting to sit and watch TV. Maybe when I get back to work (dual screens) I can do both at once. I really think that when I get a new computer (maybe this summer) I want that set up at home too! Once you're used to 2 screens it's just really hard to be happy with one!

Vicki said...

It's so easy to get behind on blog ready..,me too. But there's so many good ones to follow and not enough hours in the day...or week...ummm month!
Great post today...hope the dentist was nice to you..

see ya yesterday..

Stella said...

I agree it is so nice to see some signs of spring. Our grass is slowly showing signs of waking up. Hope your trip to the dentist wasn't painful. Gettin a new computer is always such a big decision but what would we do without our blogging friends?

mrs. c said...

The dentist, a necessary evil! Thanks for all your support, I appreciate that you read my blog out of the 200 you have to read!!!

I don't watch survivor but my friends that do, talk about the people like they live next door! i think its so cute!

Right now I am cheering for my team, Tennessee to win and go to the
FInal FOur, a place we have never, ever been!