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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Mom went back to the nursing home yesterday.  She seemed well except she was a little confused when she got back.  I think it will just take her a while to get used to being back.  A lot of the swelling went down in her legs and her breathing was good.  She's still going to get the breathing treatments though and stay on the oxygen for awhile.

All my cryptic talk about the room change ended up being nothing.  Thursday on the day she went to the hospital, the social worker called and said they needed mom's bed for someone else. They were going to pack up her things and store them until she came back.    She said when she got back she might go back to her bed or might end up somewhere else.  Turns out they never did move the person to mom's bed so when she got back her part of the room was empty plus no clothes.  I had to get housekeeping to bring all her stuff back and put everything back myself.

I'm not going today because I think I might have caught some of what my husband had.  When I came home from the nursing home today, I slept about 2 hours and I've been coughing.  I think I'm going to rest all day today and hopefully, I'll feel good on Wednesday.  Thank goodness he's finally starting to feel better.


Cathryn said...

Glad your mother is doing better! Glad your husband is doing better! Rest, relax, drink lots of fluids so you will feel better!
Take care!

Julie Schuler said...

Feel better soon, and get some rest. I know, that's hard to do when you are taking care of everyone, but you can try.

lagata said...

So glad to hear that your Mom is doing better. Sorry to hear that you are now coming down with "the crud"... be sure to get plenty of rest!

Vicki said...

Glad your Mom is back where she can be more comfy. Hope you're not getting something now..
Funny about the people in your last post...kinda sad too I guess.
Come visit again sometime..

Anonymous said...

Good news about your mom- Glad she's doing better. Maybe your getting a touch of spring fever, not sure if that come with a cough or not. Feel better! -mike