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Monday, March 22, 2010

Party on

When I went to see Mom last Wednesday, the nurse told me she was at the St. Patrick's Day party.  So, I hustled down to where it was and they were still getting everyone situated. I pulled up a chair right behind mom so I could talk to her a little bit.   There was a guy there with a keyboard getting ready to sing.  The whole place was decorated with shamrocks.  The aides must have made a special effort if the residents had green clothes to put them on because most people had green on.  One lady had a white hat with green shamrocks on it.  A couple of the older men residents had on green cardboard top hats.

Finally, the guy started to sing.  He said he sang love songs which he did.  He also sang Danny Boy, When Irish Eyes are Smiling and another Irish song that I didn't recognize.

While he was singing, the activity people gave everyone a very large Shamrock decorated cookie.  I saw the one activities person going up to everyone with a glass but no one was taking it.  There were two residents sitting behind me.  I heard the activities person ask the one woman if she wanted a beer.  It was a very small glass and only about half full.  She said sure.  When the activities person left, I heard her talking to the lady next to her.  I think the lady didn't hear that it was beer.  She had the other lady taste it.  This woman was saying, it tastes like wine, or apple juice or prune juice LOL.  So I turned around and said I think it's beer.  They told me to taste it.  I told them I don't like beer (which I don't) but I told them to let me smell it.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it was beer but I smelled it  and told them yep it's beer.  They kind of both looked at each other.  I ended up having to leave so I don't know what they ever did with it.


Debbie said...

Those songs brought back beautiful grandfather loved to sing, and he would sit at the kitchen table and start belting out songs....all of those mentioned! Have a great day!

Cathryn said...

That's so sweet!

I don't like the taste of drinking beer--but I love to cook with it!

Stella said...

Love the Irish music so sad and haunting most of it. I don't care for beer but think I would ever mistake tit for prune juice.

Becca said...

awesome! I love that they offered them beer. So many times old people are infantalized and people think they shouldn't have alcohol