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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday thoughts

1.  I can breathe a sigh of relief now.   On Monday we saw "the runner".  He's alive and well.

2.  I called the dentist on Tuesday.  My tooth isn't hurting as much as the bone above the gum (that's probably TMI).  I told them with my cough I doubt I could keep my mouth open without coughing.  I got them to put me on an antibiotic and then I'm going next Friday to get it checked out.  Hopefully, the antibiotic will stop the hurting.

3.  Our son had to get one of his teeth pulled on Monday.

4.  We got most of our taxes done this week.  We just need to get our city taxes done and then that's it for us.

5.  Mom's doing pretty well. When I got there on Wednesday, she was at a St. Patrick's Day party.   She was off the oxygen. Maybe she's turning the corner.   I'll blog more about the party next week.

6.  I haven't cooked at all this week.  One day we had sandwiches.  I don't remember what we had the other day.  On St. Patrick's Day my husband went and got us corned beef and cabbage.  Two dinners was a lot.  I also had it Thursday and they'll be enough to eat it over the weekend.  I try very hard not to eat meat on Fridays during Lent so he usually gets me pierogi's.  Yum.  They are not as good as mom's used to be but they are entirely too much work for me to be eaten so quickly ;-).  As you can tell my meal planning is not going well.

7.  We got our census form yesterday.  I'll have to sit down and fill it out this weekend. It's not like I have anything else to do, right @@.

8.  March madness is on.  I haven't started watching it yet.  I'll probably start tonight when The Ohio State plays.   Although I should have watched it last night, the Ohio Bobcats upset Georgetown.

9.  I keep trying to think of a name for my Friday posts since I'm pretty sure they are always going to be lists.  At first it was Random thoughts, then it was Random Friday (but after I thought about it it didn't make sense).  Now I'm going to try Friday thoughts LOL.  Eventually I'll come up with something I'll be happy with.

10.  Have a good weekend everyone. 


gretchen said...

We got our census form too, so I guess everybody did. I can't imagine when I'm going to have the time to sit and fill it in. Ugh.
Take care of that tooth ASAP. Nothing worse than dental pain!

Debbie said...

Sounds like a great productive week to me! Have an awesome weekend!

Debbie said...

Teeth suck, I have an upcoming post on teeth......

Becca said...

mmm, pierogies!!!

Cathryn said...

I like your Friday Random Thoughts...You've had a week full of accomplishments! Glad your mom is doing better!

Vicki said...

Friday Follies??
Friday anything would be good, you have some great thoughts..

lagata said...

I am trying to catch up on my blog reading... I am so far behind! I love pierogies!