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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He's not as dumb as he pretends

In the backyard we have this make do fence.  It's made out of old railings from the back porch and some chicken wire (yeah, real classy).  It goes from the garage to the regular fence.  My husband put it up years ago, to keep our dog from getting into the garden and behind the garage because that's also a disaster area (yeah, another classy area) Ha. 

He took it down when we didn't have our dog anymore but then had to put it back up when Corky came.  Last week one day I let Corky out.  A little while later I heard him barking.  When I looked out, the neighbor behind us was there with his little Yorkie standing by the back fence.  Corky was practically trying to climb over the fence to get to them.  My husband went out to get him.  Apparently,  two of the fences that are supposed to keep him out of there are just hooked over each other with something.  The neighbor said Corky just pushed it up with his nose and came back there.

I know I like to call Corky quirky but he's not actually too bright.  Now, I'm thinking maybe it's just an act LOL.


Cathryn said...

LOL Of course not! He's highly intelligent and has everyone believing his dumb act! LOL

Wanda said...

Seems Corky is smart enough to fool everybody!