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Monday, March 15, 2010

It's little like deja vu

Before we left to see mom on Friday the nurse called saying mom had a fever the night before and was coughing a lot.  The doctor put her back on the oxygen, steroids and she was going to get a chest x-ray. When I went to see her they were keeping in her in the bed for the day but she was alert and no confusion.  They did the x-ray while I was there.

Saturday they called and said fluid had infiltrated her lung so it looked like the beginnings of pneumonia.  They put her on an antibiotics again for 7 days.  The doctor was supposed to come and see her.

Sunday when I saw her she was pretty alert.  Her legs looked really good and there were no signs of swelling.   I guess the doctor thought she was pretty good.  Hopefully, after the antibiotics she will be in tip top shape, at least for her. 


Anonymous said...

Glad your mom is getting better once again. I know it's a lot of ups and downs with aging parents/grandparents. You just have to stay positive and take one day at a time. Glad she's on the rebound -mike

Cathryn said...

Glad they were quick to notice the change! Even the littlest details sometimes get lost in the day-to-day care. Glad she's feeling better and that she's upbeat!