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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Corky's report

My husband took Corky to the Vet yesterday.  He's up to date with his shots now.  He's put on some weight since last year.  Last year he was 53 now he's 60 pounds. 

My husband said he at first wouldn't go in the door and he had to pick up his two paws and put them in, then he would go.  Also, when it was time for him to go on the table, they put it as low as it would go and they still had to pick him up LOL.  Also, they marked that he was very timid.

Today, I'm going to take his shot records to the nursing home so they can file them.  I think if its still going to be nice like they say on Friday I'm going to take him to see mom.  They haven't seen each other since June.   I just hope I'm going to be able to get him to go inside, if not I'll have to bring her outside I guess.  I know Mom will be happy to see him because she asks about him all the time.


My name is PJ. said...

Poor Corky! I don't blame him for not being great guns about going to the vet! I'm glad his check-up was a good one.

Sue said...

My dog Gizzy knows exactly how Corky feels about going to the vet. She had bad teeth which poisoned her whole body and was really sick. She has been back 4 times and had teeth pulled out 2 more times, a total of 14 teeth out. plus the infection entered her uterus so she had to be spade. $700.00 later she is finally on the mend.When I took her to the vet last time I had to carry her inside.She didn't want anything to do with that place.

Mumsy said...

Oh I really hope that they will let Corky in to visit your mom, and other elderly people. A dog always seem to bring smiles to their faces!