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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Besides working at Juvenile Court, I also worked at a nut factory.

My mom worked for many years at a nut factory, as in walnuts, cashews, pistachio nuts etc.  

When I was in high school I worked during the summers and Christmas vacation there as soon as I turned 16 until I finished high school.  I never worked for the original owner like mom did but I worked for the second owners at the time.  The husband and wife worked together.  Their kids and their kids friends from school also worked there.  Besides mom and me, some of my family worked there as well.   I also got my one girlfriend a job there  You could say it was a pretty family friendly company.

Some of the jobs I did there was pick the bad nuts off the conveyor belt, packaged nuts by hand, and packed tins.  They also did nuts for vending machines.  I did that as well.  When the packaged nuts came out of the machine, we had to put them 100 to a box.  I'm sure I did other stuff but I just don't remember.  They also cooked the nuts there.  It was extremely hot during the summer in there especially in the cooking part. 

A couple of years before I had my son, I went back there part time but this time I worked in the office.  They had catalog sales and I worked on the phone taking orders and doing other officse work.  They were busy all times of the year but especially at Christmas time.  It was crazy.  Shortly after I became pregnant I had to quit.   

When I started I ate tons of different kinds of nuts but after a while as with everything you get sick of them LOL.  

I'm not sure how many years Mom worked there but I know she started when I was in elementary school and quit when she was around 62.  So for a lot of years.  The owners from what I remember eventually sold to another company.  They had a store downtown in the same building as the factory.  For some reason the new owners moved the store down the block from where it used to be.  

I bet not many people can say they worked at a nut company LOL


Mumsy said...

I worked in a men factory once, and my cousin and I are the first females there. It's very much a family business, and I like that kind of environment..

My name is PJ. said...

I'd never considered it before! Your post brought to mind the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel are working for the candy company, manning the conveyor belt and they can't keep up.

I'll bet you have a much easier time identifying bloggers who are a bit nutty from those who aren't!