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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

68 years of marriage

Recently,  one of the Dinner Friends father's passed away.  He was 94 years old.  I was astonished that he and his wife were married for 68 years.  Not many people are lucky enough to be married that many years.

While I only met him once, after giving my condolences to his wife, I saw their lives through pictures and you could tell what a wonderful marriage they had.  They also played a video of when the couple was interviewed when they were married for 66 years from a local TV station.  One of the things I remembered the most that they said was that every night before they went to bed, they would kiss and say they loved each other.

Now that was true love.


Cathryn said...

That's a touching story and something we don't see often these days.

Vicki said...

Hi again Viki! I love a good love story, especially the true ones like this. How blessed they were!

Glad you got your flusher fixed (o:

Debbie said...

WOWza Vikki, I could not imagine...hopefully I will even live that long...that is awesome. My husbands grandparents are going on 60 years...they are eachother's rocks too!

Sue said...

I always love this kind of story.