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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vegetable garden

I finally got my butt outside and took pictures of the garden.  If everything grows we're going to have cucumbers and tomatoes galore.

On the porch, my husband planted two things in containers.  Green beans and lettuce.  

 On the side garden next to the back porch are green beans.

3 cucumber plants

3 tomato plants

In the back garden are 8 cucumber plants

and 3 tomato plants on either side of the cucumbers.  

Like I said if we have a good harvest we'll be begging for people to take them.  Unless, those pesky squirrels decide to come.   ha, ha. 


Amy said...

Oh it looks amazing.. Yummy..

Bits-n-Pieces said...


Cathryn said...

Your garden is yards further along than ours--but I think I'm going to drag out the window boxes and plant some seeds in them. May be I can get some peas and carrots growing and then transplant them into the garden!


Julie Schuler said...

What a lot of work. I hope you get a good yield.

Anonymous said...

Nice garden...nothing like fresh produce. Enjoy. -mike

Becca said...

i hope you have a big freezer!

Jenny said...

Congratulations. You won Spot 3 in this weeks Alphabe-Thursday journey through the letter "V"!

I will link this post to it!

Hooray for you!

Wanda said...

Your garden looks off to a very good start... very healthy looking!!!

Jingle said...

lovely garden!

Jingle said...

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