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Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1.  Sometimes you have to make "hay when the sun shines" as they say. This past week I got a burst of energy and my whole house pretty much got cleaned. I even managed to do the inside of the fridge.  Now it matches the back, ha!

2.  I put Berta (my roomba) back to work.  I let her be AWOL for months.  I guess I thought she would just turn herself on besides vacuuming.   Since she hasn't, I started her up again.  Corky is still not thrilled with her.

3.  Last weekend, a big branch from one of our trees broke and ended up in the neighbor's yard behind us. Again another picture missed ;-() It needed to be cut off anyway but that wasn't exactly the way we wanted it done.  My husband got the part out of the neighbors yard but then had to go buy a small chain saw to cut the part off the tree.  Who knows when he'll get to that but at least it's out of the neighbor's.

4.  The garden's in and the sunflowers are planted. 

5.  On Tuesday's, I decided I'm going to put a photo of something past or present and try to write only 50 words about it.  Although Saturday Centus helps limit me which I find very hard, I wanted to see if I could write something with even less words.  It's going to be called Tuesday limited.

6.  Mom's been doing pretty good.  Last Friday, she developed a cough and started with the cackling with her breathing again but it seems to have cleared up mostly.  She also seemed pretty with it mentally.  I've been able to take her outside for some fresh air which has been nice.

7.  I don't usually like to talk about this kind of stuff but Al and Tipper Gore - wow!!

8.  We bought our first cherries for the season and they were pretty good.  I love cherries.


10.  Have a good weekend. 


Cathryn said...

First, I love your random thoughts! Always interesting and sometimes makes me giggle. Second, my husband trimmed some trees last weekend before they broke off. I also ate my first bag of cherries--great for the joints! I also planted sunflowers along the fence line...hope they grow. And finally, I'm glad your mother is doing so well! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Viki. I think I should get me a roomba, Daisy would have a blast with it. Have a good weekend- mike

My name is PJ. said...

Al and Tipper - my thoughts exactly!

I like the idea of Tuesday limited. Influenced by Hemingway, I once wrote a complete story that was only 6 words long. I really worked at it. It was like giving birth.

I am a big fan of naming inanimate objects. Berta gets my vote!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love cherries too!!!!