The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1.  How do you remember if you already told a story on your blog because I'm not the remembering type. I went through my whole blog and wrote down what stories I've told so I don't repeat.  A few times I have used things from older posts for  Alphabe-Thursday. Good thing I haven't been blogging longer.

2.  I did Flylady off and on over the years even before she was famous but always dropped out.  This week I noticed I was doing pretty good with keeping up with my house, then I realized I was doing my old Flylady routines.  I guess something must have sunk in, ha!

3. I don't know about you but I don't for a minute believe that there will not be serious consequences from the oil spill.  Whether it's the water or people's health.  They can say all they want that its going to be minimal or whatever.  They can talk all they want about other oil spills and the consequences weren't that bad.  I JUST don't believe them.

4. Why or why, can't things go smoothly for more than a couple of weeks.

5.  I had mom get a haircut this week.  She looks cute.  Something happened that upset her and it's being taken care of.  I'm waiting for the report on it to see if I'm satisfied.

6.  We've had a lot of rain so far this spring. The temperatures were pretty nice this week more like spring but I believe we're going to heat up again and have a muggy weekend.  I hate muggy lol.

7.  Every year my husband's family has a picnic.  The date has been set and I can't wait.  We haven't seen the whole family since Christmastime.  I can't wait.

8.  Does anyone notice anything different with their blogspot?  The preview button is in a different place when composing a post and also there's a new thing called design.  I guess they must be sprucing things up.  

9.  I'm way behind on my blog reading, again.

10.  Have a great weekend everyone.


Wanda said...

I'm just starting to feel like I'm repeating, that visitors will lose interest in the same happenings!


Cathryn said...

I'm behind on my blog writing and reading and trying to catch up today!

I, too, don't believe that the Gulf Disaster is going to be minimal--it's going to be a long-term problem that's going to affect the rest of the world.