The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Hidden Garden

This is one of my next door neighbor's flower gardens but no one really sees it because it's behind his garage.  Also, you can see there's a privacy fence at the back of his property.  It is a little bit away from our fence by our back vegetable garden. I think it's just beautiful.  I wish I could have gotten a better picture. 

Many  years ago, we noticed he started digging up behind his garage.  Slowly but surely, every year he would add different things until he's had this for a few years. Do you see all those round things those are bowling balls ;-)   All we ever see him do is go back there in the spring planting the flowers and then summer, weeding.   He's been retired for years and seems the type that he always likes to be doing something.   I think that's where he get's his enjoyment from working in there making it beautiful... even if it is a hidden garden.


Bits-n-Pieces said...

very nice! my daddy use to love to unwind at night working in his flowerbed.

Cathryn said...

Now that's something I can relate too---I want a special place so I can unwind from my days...and nights.

Love this Vicki!

mrs. c said...

What a sweet little place to go and sit and reflect. Hubby is working on a little area in our yard but it has been so hot that we cannot seem to get out there and work it. i love little garden venues!

Mumsy said...

It's sure a beautiful hidden garden. I like that concept of a secret place for oneself.

Anonymous said...

Funny..using a bowling ball as a gazing ball, I've been using my bowling ball for the same thing for years. Small world.