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Monday, June 14, 2010

Univited guests

Many years ago when I was down the basement over by the furnace one day looking for something, I happened to glance up at the rafters.  These rafters were right next to where the outside porch would be and I saw something.  I almost had a heart attack and died right there on the spot.  I saw a hive..  and it was big ....inside the house. 

You never saw somebody run up the steps so fast, I was like lightening.  My husband came down and looked. Sure enough, that's what it was.

Every once in a while when I was doing laundry I would occasionally see what I thought was a bee but I just figured someone let it in the house accidentally.  I didn't realize they had been taking up residency

We called an exterminator and told him we had a hive in the house.  He said he would come around 10:00 p.m. which seemed weird but I guess that's the best time to get them because they are all in there. Ewww

The guy went down the basement with a flashlight and put some stuff in the hive that killed them. Then he brought the hive back up and was showing us the hive and said they were hornets.  Although luckily this time, they were dead hornets.   Talk about creepy.  Just thinking about that hive now still freaks me out  LOL.

He searched for where they were coming in and it was in the front corner of the house and the hive was in the back of the house. Those little buggers, ha.

My husband had to patch up the hole.  The following year, we still found a few hornets down the basement and we had an exterminator come and spray the whole basement.  That was that.  Thank goodness.


Amy said...

Oh I do not like those guys..

Happy Monday.

Julie Schuler said...

Bees were trying to get under our house last year through some cracks in the mortar. I plugged the holes with playdoh!

Serline said...

We used to get "mini" hives in strange little corners around the house. But a hive?!? Chill running down my spine...

lagata said...


mrs. c said...

Years ago in our house in the woods, my hubby got stung by a hornet on his ear! He was sleeping and felt something on him and started swatting at it and then got stung. I do not like hornets!

Debbie said...

Scary Viki...I would have freaked too...glad they are gone and all is well.

Cheryl said...

That would have creeped me out so much I'd have insisted we move. NOW.

Wanda said...

We had a bee swarm take up residence in a nearby tree one, I found that exciting! Wouldn't want one in the house though!


My name is PJ. said...

I hate anything with a stinger!

Last summer, my sister went up into our attic (over the garage), came down and said, "There's a hornet's nest hanging from the peak."

We rarely go up there, so we waited until cold weather and sent her up there again to take it down.

Why do I think they're probably building another nest as we speak?

Cathryn said...

Oh my! I would have been frightened to death! Hornets and I are a baaaaaaaaaaad combination. And inside too! Nightmares are a coming!