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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sex and the City & Centus

Magellan picked me up about 2:40 for the movies on Saturday.  It was supposed to start at 3:15 and we didn't know if it would be crowded and we wanted to get a good seat.

I haven't been to the movie theater for years.  I think the last movie I saw was Chicago. We went to the ticket counter and bought our tickets.  $7.50 for a matinee, WTH?  Magellan asked if that was the matinee price and the ticket girl said it was and the regular price was $9.50.  Holy Moley, how do people afford going to the movies nowadays.  I ended up buying a small bag of  Twizzlers for $4, yikes.

As were going into the theater part there was no one standing there to take our tickets.  There was a little machine there and I'm thinking maybe it's like the ATM machine and you just stick your ticket in it. I mentioned it to Magellan.   I didn't notice the scanner thing and she thinks we're supposed to pick that up and scan it.  So, she starts doing it and I say no probably we're not supposed to do that lol.  Then I notice a couple of employees and I ask them about showing our tickets and they say just go in, we didn't have to show our ticket.  Well, WTH, we could have just walked in without paying lol.

We go into the darkened theater and there's no one else in there.  We get the perfect seats right in the middle. There's only about 15 minutes until it starts and we start to think that it was pretty cool we were going to have our own private showing, ha.  We then weren't paying attention to the time and finally a couple of women came in.  I laugh and tell them about us having a private showing.  They go about 5 or 6 rows behind us. 

While we are still waiting for the movie to start another woman comes in all by herself.  With all the seats in the theater where does she sit, right behind me WTH.  

So now there's 5 of us.  We start talking and thinking why isn't the movie running already.  It should have started already.  They must not show previews anymore and are going to go right to the movie. 

4 more woman come in and sit across the aisle from us.  It's past 3:30 and we're starting to think when Magellan called up to find out what time the movie started she must have gotten the wrong information.

All of a sudden something's coming on the screen.  We saw a half hour of previews and commercials.  When did they start showing commercials for cable TV shows at the movie theater and vitamin water? WTH

We saw the movie.  I liked it overall.  I would never dress like they do or go to those kind of places but it was a fun distraction from life. 

When we left, we checked what time things were supposed to get started and it said 3:45.  So, we pretty much sat in the theater for over an hour before we actually saw the movie.  This could only happen to us, ha.

My Saturday Centus is not a real story. For some reason when I did Centus #6, I wrote about Mary and then couldn't forget about her.  I felt I needed to explore this more.   I've never tried to write a story and I liked the idea, as someone else is doing, of continuing a story.  Right now, I have no idea what happened to her, why she never went back home and who "he" is that still lives in town. Sorry to disappoint.   Hopefully, I'll figure it out, ha!! 


Mumsy said...

Oh don't be sorry because I'm not disappointed at all. I like it, and I agree that the ticket price is outrageous, but it's only me, I'm poor :-)

Cathryn said...

And I wonder why we use NetFlix instead of supporting movie theaters...It's more affordable--that's why!

I'll just wait til you finish your story then I'll hopefully get to read it! *grins*