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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1. At the Nursing Home there is an outside courtyard surrounded by the residents rooms.  Lately, we've been taking Mom out there.  I think only once or twice when we've been out there someone else was there too.  There are trees and when the flowers get bigger it's going to be even lovelier.  This year they put some tables out with umbrellas.  My mom always had flowers outside her home and she's enjoying going out there.  I think some birds have a nest in some of the trees because we always hear a lot of chirping when we sit out.

2.  Remember last week when I showed a picture of the green beans planted in the container looking so good - this week not so much.  The leaves are starting to turn yellow and they are looking sickly.  We're thinking maybe the container isn't deep enough.  We'll have to see what happens I guess.  The ones in the garden are still doing good.

 3.  On Wednesday there was an earthquake in Canada and some people in Northeast Ohio felt it.  We didn't though.  I remember when my son was little and we were still living in Cleveland, there was an earthquake somewhere and he was sitting at the kitchen table.  All of a sudden I felt shaking and at first I thought it was him and I told him to stop jumping around, ha, ha.  I found out it wasn't him and it was a small tremor that we felt.

4.  Dinner Friends was the best this week.  Everyone except one person showed up (her husband was in the hospital).  I had ribs, baked potato and broccoli.  It was so good.  Also, my usual 2 glasses of wine for the month  lol.   I was happy that I got to talk to everyone for a change.

5.  Our front flowers are doing weird things this year.  First off,  a violet popped up in the spring which we never planted.  I'm thinking the squirrels must have planted it or it came from a bird, lol.  My husband planted the marigolds in a nice row.   From somewhere extra ones came up in front of some of them.  This has never happened before in all the years he's planted them.  We're just leaving them where they are.  It looks odd because they are out of place but who are we to fight nature, ha. I still have to get pictures but I'm waiting until they get a little fuller.

6.  Short list this week.  Have a great weekend. 


Cathryn said...

I have no problem with letting flowers bloom where they're planted--be it by my hand or some other intervention. I'm glad your mother is getting to sit outside and enjoy the beauty! Lovely!

A 2 Z said...

Hi Vicki,

Interesting post. A good short wrap-up of your week. I also had a look at your W post. You were a lovely bride and the pictures turned out great. Thanks for sharing.

Anne-Marie :D

Bart, Jeni, Jessica, Brian and Chelsea said...

Hi Vicki,

Just wanted to say 1. You were a lovely bride! & 2. thanks for your sweet compliment on my blog!

Have a wonderful day!!

Wanda said...

I just caught your previous post, you were lovely in your wedding dress, Viki!

We didn't feel the quake either, but have twice before, here in SW Ohio.

Your mom enjoying being outside listening to the birds reminds me of my mother's visits here!


Graceful said...

Hi Viki,
It's lovely meet you here. Thanks for visiting Graceful yesterday! I enjoyed your random thoughts here.

And I love, love your W post on wedding garb -- that journey through the bridesmaid's dresses was fun. And you were a beautiful bride!!