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Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1.  I think we have a cat family living not too far from our home.  I saw a cat and two little ones the other day coming from the front flower bed.  When I mentioned it to my husband he said some cats have been using it for their litter box.  Yuck, for him when he has to weed.  Any suggestions? 

2.  I don't think I mentioned that I started taking mom's laundry home.  I was having problems and I started doing it about a month or so ago.  She has a lot of things so I only have to do it once a week.  Over the weekend, I brought it home and there was a towel in there when I opened it up it was all filled with hair.  Ewwww.  I noticed that day the roommate had her haircut.  I thought she went to the beauty parlor, apparently not.  At first I bagged it all up and was going to take it to the nursing home but by Monday I decided that would be petty, ha.   When we went,  I talked to the nurse and asked her where she got her haircut and told her what I found.    Apparently, someone cut it in her room.  Even though it is technically a garbage can it is used for her laundry.  I had to write on the top "For Laundry Only".  You would have thought they would have seen clothes in it. Ugh!!   Guess not.

3.  Since Tuesday it's been in the high 60's and low 70's with no humidity, and in the 50's at night.  It's like a little bit of heaven.  Unfortunately  that's about to change back to hot weather again.  But it was nice while it lasted.

4.  I  can't believe it's going to be the 4th of July already.  Could this year be going by any faster.

5.  Wednesday we got our first green beans.  There weren't a lot but I cooked them and they were yummy!

6.  I've got 1 more dish cloth to go and I'm done with my Christmas knitting.  (if this applies to you, pretend you didn't read this, ha)

7.  I was shocked that so many people knew XYZ.  Where have my husband and I been all these years.

8.  Debbie said voting ends on July 3rd, so there's still time to vote

9.  I'll be doing Saturday Centus and catching up with my blog reading over the holiday.  Unless something earth shattering happens, I'll be back on Tuesday.  Have a good holiday weekend everyone.  Be careful out there if your around fireworks. 


Anne Alagna said...

try chili powder in the flower bed.

Cathryn said...

If you keep the flower bed damp, cats don't like it. Also you can use garlic spray...mince up some garlic cloves and add them to water for a day or two. Strain and pour the liquid in a spray bottle and apply around the flower helps with critters too. You have to reapply it every other day or so. BBQ skewers or long tooth picks poking up at odd spaces makes it dicey for them as well.

Barring those methods, I also recommend hard cloth around the bed. :D Good luck.

My name is PJ. said...

It seems Ann and Cathryn have the cat thing covered. The beans look scrumptious. Have a great fourth!

The Muse said...

random thoughts?
i like them....

Jingle said...

fresh beans...
Have fun!

Jingle said...

Please pick 2 to 5 awards from the post.
Enjoy the fun!