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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday Centus Shake up

This is Saturday Centus turned upside down.  This week we have to come up with 200 words or less in a Harlequin Romance genre.  Since I've never read any, I'm sure mine isn't correct but it is a little romantic, ha.  So go over to Jenny's and I'm sure you'll find better ones lol.  Saturday Centus.
When I turned around I was startled to meet a green eyed gaze..." from Nurse Busy Body.
"Where are you going Mr. Smith". 
"Uh, I'm going for a little walk with Emily". 
"Okay, but it's almost time for lights out". 
Mr. Smith went down a couple of rooms and picked up Emily.  "Fred, you were a little late tonight", Emily said.  "I know Nurse Busy Body was watching me.  She said lights out pretty soon.  I told her we were going for a walk".  "That's okay, Fred.  She'll be going on her break soon and I'll slip into your room.  We've outsmarted her before and we can do it again". 
They took one walk around the whole nursing home and Fred dropped Emily back at her room.  As he was going to his room he heard, "Good night Mr. Smith".  That Busy Body, he thought,  as he closed his door.
A half hour later, his door quietly opened and Emily came towards him.  "Are you ready, Freddie" Emily chuckled.     
Fred got up from his bed "You look beautiful tonight just like a goddess.  Okay, what do you want to play scrabble or poker".   "I have a new game", Emily said and she turned the lights off.  


Cathryn said...

Well that caused my eyebrows to raise up and wonder what new game Emily had in mind. Good Job!

Bookie said...
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Cheryl said...

You're a genius! This was a brilliant lead to a totally unexpected end! Pure genius!

Sue said...

Sounds like somebody's evening just got a whole lot better!


Tina said...

haha i like how you set it in a nursing home. sooo what game is better than scrabble then .. ;)

Happy SC :)

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Tgoette said...

LOL! Oooh, I want to play too! Great job this week! Really well done.

mbkatc230 said...

Oh, I really liked this Viki! Glad they hookwinked Nurse Busy Body. Great fun! Kat

Terra said...

Very sweet Vikki. I enjoyed this!

Tina said...

So completely different! Loved it. I could just see these two sweethearts. Nice job!

My name is PJ. said...

You caught me by surprise! Cudos!!

cj Schlottman said...

LOL! And Hooooraaay for old folks having sex..........I love this!

Jenny said...

You surprised me! I loved this link!

What a fun week this has been.

I have laughed so has really been a silly and interesting time!

Thanks for linking up!