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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bizarre - kwiatkowski

This is so bizarre when I read on Alphabe-Thursday that Betty's husband's name was really Kwiatkowski.  Then Julie said her grandparents were Kwiatkowski's.  As it turns out my maternal grandmother's name was Kwiatkowski too LOL.

I found something mom wrote about her grandparents.  They were (Stanieswaf) Stanley and Antonia Kwiatkowski.  From what it says about Stanley he was born in 1868.  He was born in Poland and was from or near Posnine but I looked it up and must been Poznan.  He had two sisters one named Francis and one named Katerina.  There's nothing about if the sisters ever came to America.

Stanley and Antonia had six children.

My mother's one uncle changed his name to Flowers.  From what I always heard Kwiatkowski translates to Flowers in English.  He was the only one that did that. 

That got me to thinking about the name so I googled it.  There must have been a lot of people with that name.  I will have to investigate it further.


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

This is amazing and calls for some genealogy study, don't you think! Would be fun to trace these names and see if all are related! So interesting!!!

RNSANE said...

This is so incredible, that in our blogging world, three of you turn up with the same related name. Good sleuthing. You all should have been forensic scientists!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

I do totally agree...that is truly amazing! What a small, small world!
I just came from Betty's blog and read Julie and your comment left there. It isnt like Kwiatkowski is a name that is like Smith or Brown. Or it a common Polish name?

I love that it translates to Flowers :o)

Blessings & Aloha!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Amazing! I saw you and Julie's comments on Betty's blog --imagine if you are all related?!! Talk about six degrees of seperation!

Julie Schuler said...

I think the name means "little flowers" and refers to a place. There are about two dozen Polish surnames and then their variations, and the mostly refer to locations. Kind of gives identity a weird sort of vagueness.

Debbie said...

Very interesting! Recently someone asked me about my Maiden name which is a strange Italian name, turns out she worked with someone with that last name and they where also from the NY New Jersey area....I think we are all connected somehow or another:)

Vicki said...

That's strange...but so interesting. You three need to get your heads and ancestors together. You may find some surprises!

Thanks for keeping with my sparse blogging. I'll be all moved soon..I hope, then get back to what I love..writing on my blogs!

Take care..

Anonymous said...

My family name is Blume from a germanic language which translates to Flower in English and Kwiat in Polish, according to wikipedia. Bluemke has been confused with Kwiatkowski according to SGGEE, and reports say there are a "lot" of people named Blume in the Poznan area, which is where my paternal ancestors originated in about 1790. Their oral history, as yet unverified, goes back much farther. Try looking up Kwiatkowski on Wikipedia - you will get a possibly pleasant surprise!

Fred Blume