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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mom and Corky

We took Corky to see Mom on Friday.  I was so excited.  That didn't last long.

I took Mom to the lobby because, as you know, Corky is quirky and very timid.  I thought he would be too afraid to go to the day room.  We were sitting there and mom could see my husband bringing him past the window.  When they got in, Corky didn't seem to recognize my mom.  He wouldn't go to her.  I eventually got him by her and she petted him.  I really thought he was going to be jumping all over her.

I think he's forgotten who she is.  Or maybe it's her smell he didn't recognize.  It was a nice day so we went outside thinking that maybe he was distracted from being in the building.  He did let her pet him but he wasn't exceptionally friendly to her.  I think she was pretty disappointed.

I guess I should have taken him sooner but she hadn't seen him since last June but I thought he would still remember her.  I'm still going to take him back though.  Next time, I'll just bring Mom outside and see how he does with that.  I'll also bring a couple of treats for her to give him.

When I went to the nursing home on Monday, the nurse told me Mom told her the dog didn't recognize her.  I felt really bad.  Maybe I shouldn't have taken him, I don't know.


Mumsy said...

You did what is best, Viki, and there is no way you could have known how Corky will react.

Debbie said...

Viki, don't be too hard on yourself, I think dogs sense, maybe he was just scared....see next time, I bet it will be different....

Becca said...

oh that sucks.

Nora Johnson said...

Many thanks for stopping by my Grace Kelly post - love yr 'K' post too! And love yr blog too!

Look forward to *seeing* you again - hopefully tomorrow for 'L'?!

PS agree with Debbie above - dogs are sometimes just scared!