The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday random thoughts

1.  My husband took Corky for his first walk this spring and he did very well.  He could use some exercise since he's gained some weight.  My husband thinks its good for him too because he could lose some weight LOL.

2.  Speaking of weight, I haven't lost any since the new year.  In fact, I put on a couple more pounds.

3.  I felt sorry for Butler not winning the NCAA.  So close but so far.  I'm sorry I fell asleep before it ended.

4.  Years ago, I played a game called Bookworm on the computer.  Recently, I found it again and I'm addicted to it just like before.  I should have known better.

5.  When we went to the nursing home on Easter, the little lounge room door was closed and there was a family in there.  When I looked in, two little dogs came running up to the window.  It was just like looking into a pet store window LOL.  I took mom there so she could see and the lady brought the two puppies out so Mom could pet them.  They were 5 month old Yorkies.  They were the cutest little things.

6.  Last week the neighbor lady asked my husband about a tub seat we had gotten for mom.  It's the kind that fits half in and half out of the bathtub. We were never able to us it for mom.   She wanted to pay for it but we told her she could just have it.  Her husband is in his mid 90's.  They have only been married for a few years.  However, he is the original owner of his house.  I'm writing up a post about what happened to his first wife.  It was terrible and something I hope I won't ever see again in my lifetime.

7.  The weather has been beautiful.  I've been able to take mom outside every day when I go.  The next few days its supposed to be colder and maybe some rain/snow.  Mom's been real good again this week although her legs are starting to swell a little.  I think that's just going to keep happening though.

8.  I decided before I forget everything I ever knew I'm going to write some posts from when I was younger.  Some may be bits and pieces but at least I'll have a record of what I remember.

9.  ???????  I guess I won't have a 9.  I got nothing else LOL. 

10.  Have a good weekend. 


Julie Schuler said...

I can't go anywhere near Bookworm. I'll have a blackout and when I log off it'll be 1215 or something. I'm really bad.

Pondside said...

I didn't know about Bookworm - it's probably a good thing!

Jenny from Chicago said...

Nines are overrated! Ha! I can't wait to find sounds like something right up my alley.

mrs. c said...

Oh no, just what I need another game.....I play Webkinz- a kids game but there is one that is a word game that i love. I will be googling this as soon as I finsih this post.
Like your random thoughts, sometimes that is the only way I think!

Bits-n-Pieces said...

wishes someone would take ME for a walk so I could lose a few pounds (or 40) :)