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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Years ago I think they used to take your tonsils out at a drop of hat.

My one brother needed his out.  Mom said they may as well take mine out too.  There wasn't anything wrong with mine.  Maybe Mom got two for the price of one ;-)

Off we went.  My brother's went well. 

Mine - not so much.  After I went home, I had to go back to get my throat cauterized because it wouldn't stop bleeding.  There was something so wrong about that LOL. 


Julie Schuler said...

Oh yuck!
I never knew tonsils shrunk when you got older. When I went to my allergist he couldn't even tell right away if I'd had mine out or not. I didn't like the implication that I was 'long in the tooth'.

Mumsy said...

Hope everything is good now!

I can't call the police, my son would be devastated to see his dad being escorted out..That's why I'm forever in this freaking situation! Thanks for reading, and support!

lagata said...

Oh my goodness! I still have my tonsils. My sister had her's out in jr. high.

Debbie said...

OMG that is horrible, I had mine out too, I loved the royal treatment I got when I was 5!~