The quieter you become the more you can hear ~ Ram Dass

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Party Girl

I would say I'm a pretty truthful person.  I have a hard time lying.  Although I've told a few whoppers in my life time.

I'm pretty sure I was in 7th or 8th grade.  I wanted to go to my first boy/girl party.  For some reason, I thought my mom wouldn't let me go. She may have told me but I don't remember.  I decided to tell my mom that I was spending the night at my friend's house (which I was).  We lived on the same street.  There was up the hill where she lived and then a street crossing and down the hill where we lived.  It really wasn't much of a hill but that's what everyone called it LOL. My friends name was Denise but my mom always called her "dirty knees" LOL. (So, if dirty knees happens to be reading this, let me know what I left out) Her father had died and I said her mom was going out and I was going to stay with her so she wouldn't be afraid.  Really, big mistake saying that.

Apparently, Mom was worried about us and went to my friend's house to bring us something to eat and make sure we were all right.  The mother answered the door who wasn't supposed to be home. She told mom where we were.

My brother came to the door and got me AT. THE. PARTY!!!  Oh boy, I really knew I was in BIG trouble.

To say I got into trouble was an understatement.  All the way home, Mom never said a word.  Let's just say, when I got home, that was the era of corporal punishment.  Enough said LOL.



Beth said...

LOL! I suppose most of those of us who "cannot tell a lie" learned that lesson in some painful way! I don't remember mine but I know my son lied to me about having read his Bible daily when he was a pre-teen. I knew he hadn't because I had the Bible. I think I was doubly irked that he would lie about the BIBLE of all things! LOL! Anyway ... he learned his lesson and that boy CANNOT lie and live with himself now! Not that he's perfect mind you but I kinda like it that he tattles on himself. LOL!

lagata said...

I remember once sneaking out to go to a dance. I left a note on my bed stating where I was so if they saw I was gone they wouldn't worry - hahah. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised when my sister showed up to pick me up! hahah :)

Julie Schuler said...

oh no! No one likes to get caught bein' naughty.

mrs. c said...

I always used to get caught anytime I tried to do something and so i just stopped trying! Not that I was perfect but I just wasn't sneaky enough!

Debbie said...

Hi Vicki! Are you serious about the cost? WOW, I can do some great meditating at home, turn off the TV get rid of kids and husband and come on No it is a great thing, that is why they say Yoga is so good too!

Short and Sweet said...

I have heard of TM mainly because of the Beatles. I'm glad that you found the practice helpful and calming.

Debbie said...

Oh boy, been there done that!~ What we did when I was that age is super scary to think about, now that I have a seventh grader...he is so sheltered in comparison to me.....hope it was not too bad for ya!