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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mom potpourri

When we went to see Mom on Sunday she had a beaded necklace on. It was pretty cute. She made it in arts and crafts. I was glad to know she participated. She always loved jewelry. Right now she wears a rosary ;-)

I think her left hearing aid finally bit the dust. Sunday, she couldn't hear out of it and we put a new battery in. Still didn't work. I had talked to the nurse a couple of weeks ago about getting her a new one for the left ear because I knew it would be breaking soon. It was five years old already. Before she went long term, we could only afford the right one and at the time since the original one was lost we went with that. I talked to the nurse on Monday to see if she started the process yet and mentioned the left one is broken now for sure. She said she started the process but it will probably take a while before it gets approved. I guess I'll just have to keep checking on it.

Yesterday my cousin called and she had been to see Mom. She said she was the best since she's been going there and she actually could carry on a conversation. This really pleased me so much. I was happy for mom that it wasn't one of her confused days and she could enjoy the visit. I was also happy for my cousin that she chose one of mom's good days. It's not so fun to visit when she's confused.

A few weeks ago, my aunt, uncle and another cousin came. This was the first time they saw Mom since she went to long term. They were very surprised at how well she was doing.

We just got back from seeing Mom. She was in a good mood and told me some about her visit with my cousin. So today was another good day for her.

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