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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer LOL

Today I spent about a half hour trying to get my new black cartridge to work.  I took the little piece of yellow tape like you are supposed to off.  Told the printer I had a new cartridge and every time I printed out a test page the black wouldn't print.  I must have taken it in and out a half a dozen times and cleaned the nozzle (I don't know if this would have even helped since it was brand new).  Then I checked all the cables if they were okay but the color cartridge worked. I thought the printer must be broken after all these years.  Finally I thought to go to Google and see if I could figure out why the black wouldn't print.  It was something so simple I never even thought to check.  Apparently, sometimes they put an extra piece of tape on the cartridge and that was still on, DUH!!  In all the years I've had this printer I never had that situation before.  At least I don't have to get a new printer :0)

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