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Monday, November 23, 2009

The People

Since nothing much is going on I thought I'd give some observations about some of the people at the nursing home. I'm really interested in finding out their stories.
There's one lady that when I think of her, she's the "Hello Lady" to me.  She is in a wheelchair and I think she must not be able to see.  When she is sitting in the day room she is always saying hello, hello. 
Then there's a man that always has a terrible cough.  My mom says he's a derelict and they let him stay upstairs for free but he comes down to her floor to eat and get toilet paper.  I don't know where she came up with that idea.  He must live down the other hallway.  
Then there's a woman when Mom first came there she sat in the dayroom with her.  I couldn't figure out why this woman was even there.  She seemed to have her wits about her and she was able to walk unaided.  Lately though when I've seen her, I could tell her mind is failing and she seems confused.  She has to wear a little band around her ankle so if she tries to walk through the double doors out of the wing an alarm sounds and they know and bring her back.
Then there's the young woman.  I'm not sure what her story is.  She is in a wheelchair that you kinda sit and lay back in.  My mom said she heard the woman is mentally challenged.  I saw a show on cable about people that had brain trauma and I wonder if that's what happened to her. 
That's just a few of the people that are where Mom is.  I really have to find out the people's names.  More observations in the future.

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