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Monday, December 21, 2009

Another craft fair find and 2 mysteries

I bought this at a craft fair.  Every year I would go with my friend to this one craft fair.  I would always see these framed scenes.  You can't really tell from the picture but the snowmen are popped out a little almost like 3D.  I probably looked at them for 5 years.  I would always think before I went that I would buy one. Then when we would go, I would debate with myself if I should buy one, but I could never justify spending the money when it came down to it.  Then finally one year, I saw this little one and it spoke to me LOL and I shelled out the money.  Plus, I was afraid that sooner or later this person would stop selling them.  Believe me, that's happened to my friend and I.  We didn't buy something thinking it would be there the following year and it wasn't. 
Number 1 mystery: Sunday morning when I opened the blinds I looked for the newspaper in the driveway and it looked like the newspaper wasn't there.  Although there were signs that it had been there.  Then I noticed on the walkway up to the front steps there were little paw prints, even on the front landing.  So, I get a coat on and go outside to look to make sure the newspaper isn't really there because I thought maybe with the snow I just wasn't seeing it.  I got a couple of feet from where the newspaper should have been but it was gone.  I saw more paw prints on the grass but neither those nor the ones by the walkway were really close to where the newspaper was supposed to be.  There also weren't car tracks in the driveway or footprints where someone would have come and taken the newspaper. I went back in the house and I'm thinking what could have happened to it.  I decided to open the door and take a look outside once more and then I spot the newspaper.  It was by my neighbor's evergreen next to our driveway.  I can't figure out how it got there.  Evidently at one time it was in the driveway.  I thought maybe a deer (because that's what my husband thinks walked on the front grass) or a cat (that's what we think walked on the front walkway) seemed to be close enough to pick it up to put it where it was.  I guess this will be one mystery that will go unanswered but that won't stop me from trying to figure it out ;o)
Sunday when we went to see Mom, she was playing bingo. She won two little candy bars.  She said they had already done the rosary.  Then at 1:00, they were having Christmas carolers come in.  Boy, she is busier than me.
Number 2 mystery: When Mom was playing bingo, I took her pop and candy that I bring her when we go to her room.  I noticed when I was in there the stuffed animals were gone.  Then I saw that the gorilla stuffed animal was on the night stand but I didn't see the teddy bear one.  I'm not sure what happened to it.  I didn't ask Mom because I figured if she didn't know it was missing I wasn't going to tell her LOL.Maybe eventually this mystery will get solved.     

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