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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bah Humbug and misc.

This is my husband's favorite decoration LOL.  Although technically, I guess it's not really a decoration.  He puts this button on his coat sometime right after Thanksgiving. We don't remember exactly when or where he originally got it but as you can see from the picture and it's somewhat ratty appearance, it's pretty old.

We visited Mom yesterday and then went to her house.  She got a super high water and sewer bill and I think it was because her toilet was constantly running.  My husband turned it off.  We took a meter reading and will go next week and see if it slowed up the numbers.  There's been a little drama with the house which I don't want to get into but suffice it to say, I'll be happy when it's sold.  That made me a little Bah Humbug but thankfully, it didn't ruin Christmas for me. The real estate agent said after the first we will drop the price. 

Last night, I went to a friend's house for a little Christmas gathering and to exchange gifts with her.  Magellan and I bought her a Scentsy candle warmer.  We went to a party a few weeks ago and she wasn't able to come.  We decided then that's what we would get her for Christmas.  She happens to be a Snowman collector LOL.  Naturally, we got her one with Snowmen on it. 

From Magellan, I got a Scentsy plug in candle warmer.  In fact, we each picked one out at the party for our Christmas exchange to each other.  We figured this way we would get exactly what we wanted.  I also bought a bigger candle warmer.  Neither of them are Christmas.  I'll take a picture of both in January and show everyone what they look like.  They are pretty cool and are wickless. 

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