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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Decorations galore

For my regular readers all two of you these pictures will look familiar.  Over at Nester's she is doing a Christmas Tour of Homes. I decided to put up a few of the decorations you've already seen (since I am trying to feature one a day in Dec and tell you a little something about it) because I want you to be able to go there and see all the beautiful decorations of other peoples homes.  Believe me, there will be 100s and 100s, etc., of blogs you can go and visit.  So over the holidays or into January when you get a chance, go look at some of them every day.  You will get many ideas of something you might want to do in your home.  Go on, it will be fun. I know I will.

Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes go here:


Jennifer Juniper said...

Snowmen are such a happy thing to collect :) Thanks for sharing yours.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Those snowmen are just so happy! Funny, I had that comment in my head when the comment page was loading, and evidently the previous commenter was thinking the same thing. :-)

Linda said...

I love your snowmen. It's fun having something to collect like that. Thanks for stopping by.