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Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa, the Angel and the Snowman et al.

Forget that they aren't evenly spaced. I didn't notice until I took the picture.

The Santa Claus was another Christmas thing my son bought for me. I fell in love with it the instant I saw it. I've never had a Santa Claus with anything other than red clothes. The green on the clothes is so pretty to me. It also plays White Christmas. Beautiful.

The Angel was from Party Lite. I'm sure everyone in their lifetime has been to at least one, two or three of these parties ;o) Normally, there is a white taper candle that goes in this but I never light it and you can't really even tell there's supposed to be one there. This year I decided not to add it.

The Snowman was from one of my Dinner Friends and naturally there's a story to that. We had our Christmas dinner at a fancy, fancy restaurant. I checked my coat. When I was getting my coat, I put the gift exchange on a chair by the coat room. I don't know what happened but my one friend and I were there and somehow it broke. She took the blame for it. I'm not really sure it was her fault. It could have been mine and she went out and got me another one. Don't I have such nice friends.

Tonight is my Christmas dinner with my dinner friends.  We are going out a little farther than usual so I hope the weather will cooperate.  We might get some flurries.

I'm thinking I didn't win anything at the raffle at the nursing home.  Unless when we go today and they say I'm a winner LOL but I'm not counting on it.  Oh well, it was for a very good cause.  I really have more stuff than I can put out anyway.
edited: Kelly's Corner is doing Show you Life - Christmas trees.  If you go down to my Dec. 2nd post you can click on the link and see some people's Christmas trees.  

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