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Monday, December 7, 2009

Gift Exchange & Dinner Friends Part 2

This silvery, sparkly Merry Christmas sign was the second gift I got from the gift exchange. 
Now for the rest of the story... Before we went to the restaurant my husband told me one time when he was 12 years old, he painted some of the upstairs of this place.  It was a bar at that time.  His uncle was a painter by trade and when he needed extra help and was running up against a deadline, he would sometimes call my husband to help. 

The restaurant was an old brick Victorian Mansion.  When we went in, they took us up this big steep staircase to a separate room (I'm thinking it must have been a bedroom at one time).  There were only like four tables in the room that you could seat eight at each table.  The food was really delicious.  I had a stuffed cornbread pork chop.  MMMMMMMM Whatever everyone had to eat they loved it. We caught up with what's been happening with everyone. Then I had to use the restroom.  OMG, there was a shower in there.  I was tempted to try to turn the shower on to see if it worked but I was afraid I would get wet LOL.  It sure was tempting though. Over the years, we've been to many restaurants and seen many things in them but I never saw something like this.   

After we ate, we went to my friend's house for a while that doesn't live far from there.  We did the gift exchange, talked some more and had some wine.  Her husband had placed some goodies on the island in the kitchen before we arrived.  Even though I was stuffed, I ended up having a couple of cookies.  I finally went in the family room and talked to her husband to avoid the treats.  Their daughter lives in Maryland and they had just gotten back.  She hurried up and decorated for Christmas knowing that we would probably come over.  I wish I would have thought to take some pictures.  Her decorations were beautiful. 

When it was time to leave, we followed another friend until Magellan and I knew we weren't going to get lost;-)  We had a wonderful Christmas gathering.  Unfortunately, some were unable to come because of health problems in their families and we missed them.  Hopefully, all the dinner friends will be back together for January. 

When I got home, my husband and I talked about the evening.  He then told me when he was young the place was rumored to have been a brothel at some point in the past LOL.  I wish I would have known that before I went.  I really didn't get to see the downstairs of the place at all..  I think I will have to go back with him now and check out the whole place a little more closely. 

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