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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas candy dish et al

This is my Teddy Bear Candy Dish.  My husband makes sure it's supplied with Christmas Hershey Kisses and Christmas Reese Cups.  I used to share them with my son.  Unfortunately, now that he's not here it looks like I'll be eating 99% of them myself.  My husband can eat just one and be satisfied.  Who does that LOL???
I went Sunday to Office Max and bought a little album to put pictures in for mom for Christmas.  There's not much she needs and since her room is so small, she has no pictures of family.  I've been going through her old photo's and picking some out.  Unfortunately, she never labeled most of them and I'm not sure who a lot of these people are.  I'm also going to add newer photo's that we've taken over the years. 

I really have to start going through our photo's too and labeling them.  Looking through them, there's some people that we knew at the time but now I don't even remember their names.  Oh well.

I went for my six month cleaning and check up at the dentist yesterday and they are doing a new thing.  They usually check my mouth to see if there is any oral cancer.  Now, they have a new test.  You have to swish around this liquid in your mouth for a minute.  Supposedly, it's vinegar (which it tasted like) and raspberry flavoring and then in the dark they shine this light in your mouth.  It's supposed to light up differently I guess if there is any start of cancer.  Unfortunately, insurance doesn't pay for it but I let them go ahead and do it anyhow. When I came home, I read up on it.  It seems like it's kind of an iffy test if it works or not.    I guess this is all related to the wellness thing.  Hopefully, these tests will work out and people will be able to find out sooner rather than later if they are starting to get cancer.  Now, if only the insurance companies would see the value in paying for this.  That would definitely be a good thing.

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