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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa wreath, dentist, tour

Another craft fair find.  This Santa Claus Welcome wreath used to hang where the Snowman Happy Holidays (the one in my header) sign now hangs.  When I bought it, I thought it was going to look great.  When I put it up and took a picture of it, I realized it was way too small.  I did use it there for a couple of years until I found the decoration in my header.  Now the Santa Claus Welcome hangs on a small wall and doesn't look quite as small. 

I went to the dentist yesterday.  OMG, this might turn into a project.  I thought I would have to have root canal on that tooth but guess what?  I already had root canal on that tooth.  Who remembered?  Obviously not me. He thought it could be because my bite was off or it could be an infection.  So, he drilled some off the tooth and took an x-ray. The x-ray showed nothing.  He said he would put me on an antibiotic and see if that helped the annoyance/pain which is no guarantee if it helps that it couldn't return.  He ended up taking an impression for the other tooth next to it since that needed a crown because the filling was so big.  I have to call him back on Thursday and let him know if it is better.  If not, I would need what ever is left of that tooth to get pulled.  Joy to the World, just want I want to have done right before Christmas. I guess that would be one way of me not overeating for the holidays ;-) .  He is not going to send the impression in for the crown on the other tooth until he finds out about the hurting tooth because I would need a bridge made (to know where if you ask me).  I'm hoping and praying that the tooth stops hurting.  The receptionist said she could get me in on Tuesday if need be.  Oh boy, lucky me.  If I do, I suppose I could take a chance and wait until after Christmas but the way this is going I could imagine waking up on Christmas Day and finding myself in much more pain.  I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it LOL. 

Did anyone go over to Nester's Christmas tour?  I've only looked at about 50 so far. There's already almost 1000 links.   I'm determined to go look at every blog even if it takes me until next Christmas to do it.  I could really use a wireless lap top LOL.

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